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staying close to jesus



Staying close to Jesus is very important, but learning to draw close to Jesus can be a challenge for many, especially if your attending church was interrupted by the pandemic and the attraction of staying at home is keeping you at home, even though churches are open again for those all-important, in-person services.


In-person services have the added benefit of the personal touch with times of fellowship and conversation, deepening relationships, and the feeling of in-room worship as we sing together, plus participating together in Holy Communion.


Here at BCCB, we are always close to Jesus as it is a place where the Lord’s Presence is sought, honoured, and experienced.


BE INSPIRED TO STAY CLOSE TO JESUSjoin us this Sunday at 10:30am as we worship in Spirit and in Truth, and come expectant, expect to be transformed, encouraged, and strengthened in faith.

We have a team of trustworthy individuals who are happy to pray with you, whether for an immediate need or a more long-term request. We are also willing to anoint you with oil in the name of the Lord - we look forward to meeting you.

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