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about us


We welcome everyone to our Sunday gatherings whether you're exploring faith for the first time, returning to Church and looking for a place to call home, recently moved to the area or visiting the area on holiday, you are so very welcome. When you arrive we will welcome you, offer you various refreshments and guide you to the various parts of the building.


Planted in 2009, we are a Community Church that offers a safe place for you to explore who you are and welcomes those from different Christian denominations, a Church not built on traditions of man, but on biblical foundations that Jesus is the centre of all things, bringing pleasure to God as we express ourselves freely in worship.

A Church filled with the Holy Spirit where the gifts and fruit of the Spirit are clearly seen, passionate followers of Jesus who share His Love, Life and Power wherever, whenever and with whomever we meet and that uses its money, time, effort, skills and also talents to reach out to all people in our area – to see the ‘Kingdom Come on Earth As It Is In Heaven.’


We do partake in Holy Communion regularly but are happy for you to let the elements pass you by.


After our morning meetings, we have a time of fellowship together over a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits and cake. Everyone is encouraged to stay making for a good chance to get to know one another and make new friends.

Prayer – we have a team of trustworthy individuals who are happy to pray for you or with you, whether for an immediate need or a more long-term request. We are also happy to pray for healing in the name of the Lord. We also offer prayer support throughout the week, please submit your prayer need either using the contact form below or by emailing our prayer support team.

Answered prayer – we love to hear when prayers are answered so please feel free to email us or drop us a line.

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