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freedom in jesus



It is good to know that God has made a way for us to break free from our past chains. When we accept Jesus as our Saviour we are liberated from the things that once held us captive. Like empowering us to forgive others, not because they deserve our forgiveness, but because we deserve to be at peace.

This peace is so powerful that it removes all feelings of anger, hatred, and resentment towards a person or persons who have caused us harm, made possible because Jesus was anointed by God to proclaim freedom for those held captive and to set the oppressed free.

Jesus is the light that shines within the darkness of the world, He illuminates the truth that we don’t have to remain captive to our old ways but can be transformed by Jesus through forgiveness.

Sadly in this fallen world, so many suffer as victims, but in Jesus, we can be at peace, which is good news that brings freedom to those who embrace it and put their faith in Jesus as their Saviour.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favour and give you his peace.

Accept Jesus as your Saviour and begin to experience a BEAUTIFUL VICTORY!  Learn more

Together with God – We make life better!

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