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god loves you the way you are!

Allow this truth to comfort you and give you hope, realizing that God your Heavenly Father knows you intimately. He loves you more than you can imagine and is present with you in every place and every situation.

We each have been wonderfully made by God, and although we may feel that we are incomplete at times, especially when we know that we have wronged - God loves us completely, and though we are imperfect at times, God loves us perfectly!

Come and experience what God's love feels like - God's love will never let you down; He will never stop loving you. His love for you is greater than any of your failings and He wants you to receive His love by faith, and contrary to what you may be thinking right now, God loves you and wants to give you the fullness of life.

BE INSPIRED TO JOIN US THIS SUNDAY! - We welcome everyone to our Sunday gatherings whether you're exploring faith for the first time, returning to Church and looking for a place to call home, recently moved to the area or visiting the area on holiday you are so very welcome.


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