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No one needs to go to college or university to look for Jesus, anyone can look for Him, and even a child can look for Him!

The difference between condemnation and salvation is faith in Jesus, for Jesus could have come to the world as a judge and destroyed every sinner, but in love, He came to the world as our Saviour and died for our sins on the cross!

Jesus' offer of Salvation is for everyone, and Jesus gives a place in Heaven to anyone who believes and trusts in Him.

So it is not 'intellectual problems' that keep people from receiving their salvation or trusting Jesus; it is the moral and spiritual blindness that keeps us from being saved!

Please consider taking some time out from the confusion of your day today, and turn your confusion into confession as you come to realise that Jesus is your saviour and was indeed the Son of God!

Would you like to accept Jesus as your Saviour and begin a NEW LIFE today? – Learn more

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