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about us


BCCB was planted in 2009 using the premises of the former Bacton Baptist Church. Since then as a Church, we have experienced both the power of God to change our ‘now’ and the grace to walk with God through all that life throws at us.

We are blessed to be served by an amazing team that for some has meant stepping out of their 'comfort zone' only to experience an increase in faith by revealing new potential. BCCB is made up of people with different skills and abilities and together we create something beautiful.


We believe that both children and youth are a part of the Church and not apart from the Church, so all are welcome to join in with any part of our time together. Please note that we cannot guarantee all of the time to offer supervision so would suggest that one parent or guardian be available in a supervisory capacity.

We welcome everyone to our Sunday gatherings whether you're exploring faith for the first time, returning to Church and looking for a place to call home, recently moved to the area or visiting the area on holiday you are so very welcome. When you arrive we will welcome you, offer you various refreshments and guide you to the various parts of the building.

We do partake in Holy Communion regularly but are happy for you to let the elements pass you by.


After our morning meetings, we have a time of fellowship together over a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits and cake. Everyone is encouraged to stay making for a good chance to get to know one another and make new friends.

Prayer – at BCCB we have a team of trustworthy individuals who are happy to pray for you or with you, whether for an immediate need or a more long-term request. We are also happy to anoint you with oil in the name of the Lord. We also offer prayer support throughout the week, please submit your prayer need either using the contact form below or by emailing our prayer support team.

Answered prayer – we love to hear when prayers are answered so please feel free to email us or drop us a line.

Get involved – we also hold mid-week meetings in various homes nearby, we call these 'Home Groups' but they could easily be called 'Life Groups' as they are valuable in developing our own Christian life and give opportunities to encourage and support the Christian lives of one another. In this way, the life of our whole Church community is enhanced. Please contact us if you want more information about joining a group.

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